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Banners vs Video Ads

In this article, we'll take a look at both the well-known and the most unexpected features of the two main ad formats. Let's go!


These are definitely cheaper to produce. They work well when it's important for the creative to be thoroughly read and understood. For example, a creative with a table of food calories, or a banner where you need to find the differences in two images.

Also, banners are good as an inexpensive test of concept to further create video ads based on them. For one racing applications, we ran a series of banners with the same picture for a test - only the color of the car was different. Tests made it possible to determine the most attractive color. Next, we created a video ad based on the received data. The video was one of the best in the test.

Well-made banners can work better than video if the composition is clearly built on the banner, which explains the entire plot within the framework of a static picture. The plot of the banner should evoke an instant response from the viewer.

Video ads

A video is able to captivate the viewer's attention with dynamics, and give them everything that a banner 10 times the size can give. With video, you can convey a deeper and more complex story.

Yes, a video costs more than a banner. Also, according to our statistics, a smaller percentage of videos hit their mark. But, if a video becomes successful, it can generate much more revenue than a successful banner.

Apart from the visual and storyline, there are some technical aspects. The level of a video's performance can be influenced by such indicators as the speed of the internet and even the type of device. In countries with slow internet connections, videos may not perform as well.

Nowadays, video is a trend on the Internet. Social media and social media users have been giving more preference to video over static images lately. It's very difficult to surprise someone with a beautiful photo. Banner blindness is easier to overcome with video.

Both formats have a right to exist. When developing an advertising campaign strategy, you need to pay attention to the following:

▪️ Speed. Banners are produced more quickly. Videos always entails a longer production cycle.
▪️ Budget. Videos are more expensive, but they can be more profitable.
▪️ Region. In countries with slow internet, banners may perform better than videos.
▪️ Specificity of the product. For some applications, banners work better. It's necessary to test both the video and the static image.
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