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The secrets of making creatives/video ads

Every day we design and make creatives for our clients. This creative process has a rather rigid structure, thanks to which we're able to maintain a high standard of quality.

It all starts with the goal. Different clients have different goals; Some want to test the metagameplay approach, some just need performance and don't care what's in the creatives, and some don't even have an application in the store yet, they just need creatives for their soft launch.

After understanding the client's needs, we discuss the budget for the creatives, plan the overall strategy, the team that will participate in the process, and the number of hours that we will allocate for the project.

Most often, clients have some background information and understanding about which strategy will be used for promoting their application. Moreover, many clients have already successfully developed their product, but they are not satisfied with the growth rate. For a real leg up, you need well-defined and cool ideas. Where to get them?

We do some brainstorming in order to generate ideas. Each brainstorm is unique, as they're all influenced by the specific product, the composition of the team that's involved, and even the day of the week. There are many factors. Sometimes these sessions are a breeze, and just fly by, while other times we really have to put our noses to the grindstone in order to get things done. However, thanks to a well-built process, we always get the result we need - ready and well-developed ideas.

An important part of the idea generation process is the warm-up, or, as we also call it, the acceleration of creativity. We conduct this in a playful way. According to the plot, we have a house with 1000 rooms. Each person in turn names the purpose of the next room. When the banal options - living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, wardrobe - run out, you have to turn on your creativity.

Each subsequent stage of the brainstorm has its own specific goal, which saves time and allows you to focus on the result.

After this, the creative producer collects all the ideas, selects the best ones and passes them on to the customer for approval. Following this, a technical task for a designer is formed.

AdSide Media employs experienced professionals, each of whom has created more than one hundred creatives. Having received the task, the designer decides which tools to use, and by what means to emphasize certain plot moves.

The most popular creative format is 2D video. To make such creatives, our team has motion designers who work with either existing client assets or stock assets.

From time to time, for a video or banner, you need to draw something completely novel - for example, showing emotions for a character from a game. In such cases, an illustrator is involved.

The hardest and most spectacular ones are 3D creatives. We employ professional 3D motion designers who are able to create entire universes from scratch!

For all this magic, we use Unreal Engine, Unity, After Effects, Illustrator, and Cinema 4D.

Possession of a wide arsenal of tools allows you to feel free when solving various problems, but the quality of performance does not always play a decisive role (!). Many of our successful cases confirm that the idea itself is more important - the original plot or unique mechanics. When the idea hits the target, it not only becomes a new trend, but also brings in considerable income for the client.

As you can see, the process of making creatives is a difficult and sometimes monotonous job. Getting creatives to work requires a combination of technical knowledge, and both innovative and analytical thinking.

We wish you the best in building your own creative process, and we are always be happy to help.

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