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Design - is it creativity? Or technical work and graphics skills?

We are working in a very technological field. Our designers use a variety of programs and tools to create videos. This is not at all like how people did it 100, or even 30 years ago.

The question arises about design - is it creativity? Or technical work and graphics skills? We asked our colleagues to answer this.

Vladimir. Designer.

A creative task is one where you yourself can make something. Our tasks almost always fit this definition. We can discuss the idea with the creative producer and even change the TOR. But there are also more routine and technical tasks - for example, to make 100 typical banners, or to completely copy the reference. There is no creativity in that case.

Damir. Designer.

There are technical aspects in any creative process. Take, for example, Aivazovsky's paintings - this is creativity in the highest manifestation, but few people think that behind these works there are many technical solutions for applying paint, varnish, even for creating huge picture frames. There have always been technical tools, but now they are more modern.

If we take our work, I think the ratio of creativity and technical work is 35/65.

Vitaly. Designer.

I believe that design is the personification of creativity, the creation of something beautiful and interesting, the opportunity to express yourself and show others your vision. Yes, we work according to technical specifications and do not particularly generate a script, but we bring ideas to life and bring our vision to them.
Technical monotonous work is absolutely everywhere, without it, too, nowhere, this is already the process of transferring an idea to life.

Ksenia. Assistant to the art director.

The designer acts in accordance with the TOR.
The actual process of implementation often requires a creative / creative approach and professional knowledge of the designer. This is a kind of combo that, like a formula, works to create powerful, eye-catching works!
The element of creativity, albeit occasionally in small quantities, is always present and stimulates the designer to strive to improve their skills, be curious, and love their job, and give the viewer unique content.

Elya. Creative producer.

Creativity begins where there is a framework.
The TOR is a framework within which it is necessary to find the best implementation option. To do this, you need to consider all possible options, then impossible, and then come up with something new. Creating something new is pure creativity.

Alexander. Creative producer.

When a designer starts work, on one side of the table they have a technical task, and on the other a set of tools that they can use to solve problems. The creative part of the job is to choose the right tool and apply it to the job in a way that makes the task as beautiful and as possible, and done in a timely manner.

Summing up, we can say that design is a creative process where creativity is born within strict frameworks. There was no lively discussion, but on the other hand, it became clear that we all think in the same direction, share technical knowledge and translate it into creativity!
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