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1. Forget about the three second rule. When you start off boring, no one will watch the video. If in the first seconds you can't be interesting or show something bright and catchy, then the whole thing is pointless.

2. Copyright abuse of images or music. This is a very, very important point. If you violate copyright, your company can face huge fines.

3. Creation of "Misleading Ads" that have nothing to do with the game. Yes, there is such an approach, but it will work much better if you use the elements present in the game, while just adding a few additional ones. This way the user won't feel cheated and, stay in the game longer.

4. The production of creatives without UI, or with a UI other the one in a real game. This greatly reduces the chances that the user will be interested in the game. Your video ad should look natural and organic, as if it's demonstrating real gameplay.

5. Wasting time on what you can buy in stock. It may seem that this point contradicts the previous one, but this is not entirely true. A common mistake novice designers make is trying to draw everything from scratch. In many cases, the best solution would be to take a ready-made asset and modify it based on the current task.

6. Working with incomplete technical specifications. Before starting work, you need to make sure that you have complete information on the task. All actions should be specified as concretely as possible. If you start with a lack of information, there is a great chance of wasting your time.

7. Ignoring the rule of design continuity. Remember that all UI elements that perform similar functions should have the same look and animation. Otherwise, the design does not look harmonious.

8. Music and video imbalance. The music must match the dynamics of the video. The rhythm of the music helps in this, as well as the use of necessary audio effects at key points in the plot and at the press of buttons.

9. Bad composition. This is very, very important. In motion design, the rules are the same as in static banners or in photography and painting. All elements must be balanced, and the text must be legible. Often, after several hours of work, the eye becomes blurry and it is difficult to evaluate your work. Just step back a few meters from the screen and look at the work from a different angle (in the truest sense of the word). Everything look ok? Super!

These are important points to pay attention to, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Want to learn even more about creating creatives? Read our blog!
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