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How our designers work as a team

We’ve already written that in our team, all of the designers work with us on a full-time basis. Today, we asked our senior designers and creative producers to talk about how teamwork can help you complete tasks, learn new tools, and help employees adapt to new challenges.

Alexander. Senior designer

The first thing that comes to mind is how we collectively study using the Unreal Engine. I was a pioneer a year ago when I decided to make a creative for “Nitro Nation” on this engine. When the creative started performing successfully, it became necessary to scale this success. To do this, I wrote down a tutorial explaining how I did it. After a while, the number of designers who began to successfully produce creatives on the Unreal Engine increased, and the tasks became more diverse. Each designer is always looking for materials and ways to solve their problems, so everyone eventually develops a unique approach. Then, in the format of short video lessons, we tell each other about what we’ve learned. These are all specific techniques and technologies that have already been adapted to our tasks.
We share not only knowledge, but also materials. This applies to those assets that are reused from time to time. For example, for “Nitro Nation”, the design team actively exchanged assets for cars, garages, and tracks. This is because they were all repeated in one way or another from creative to creative.
There’s also an exchange of experience on other programs and technologies, but the exchange of knowledge is the most intensive in the Unreal Engine.

Maksim. Senior designer

Those who come to us typically already have experience in motion design. In any case, however, some adaptation is necessary. In this regard, working together as a team is irreplaceable. We have general chats where we exchange ideas, and sometimes show something interesting from the Internet. Of course, we also discuss our work.

Nikita. Senior designer

Designers share useful scripts with each other and explain how to work with them. Sometimes, scripts simplify routine processes, and sometimes they allow you to make your work more expressive.
We often show creatives to our friends so that they can give feedback and advise some improvements, and then we bring it up for a group discussion.
In general, if there’s any question on how to do it, or where to download it, we can calmly help solve the problem in our work chat. This is much more convenient than looking for information on social networks and waiting for an answer.
In work chats, there are creative producers who have watched over a thousand creatives each, and they’re always ready to help with advice on how to finalize a creative.

Lucia. Creative producer

Nowadays, we’re trying to develop our designers’ skill in 3D animation. At the moment, we’re teaching our team how to work in DAZ - this is a convenient tool for quickly producing characters. We also motivate and encourage our designers’ desire to grow and develop, become senior designers, and develop their career further. We invite designers to participate in brainstorming sessions so that they understand the whole process, and thus better understand why certain mechanics are used in creatives.

Elya. Creative producer

Building communication in a team is the foundation of the entire system. As an advertising agency, we must be able to perform a wide variety of tasks. Very often new tasks seem difficult, but most of the time they aren’t as hard as they seem! It's cool that we have colleagues who are always ready with timely advice or an example to demonstrate one mechanic or another.
We share our experience not only in “how-to”, but also in “how-NOT-to”. It’s better to stop someone who’s going the wrong way, so as not to waste time.
It's not a shame not to know, it's a shame not to want to know. This is the motto of our team. We don’t have the task of supporting individual designers, rather we strive to ensure that everyone always grows and develops. Motivation in such a case is also very important. It’s important for a person to understand that they:

are doing something very important;
are respected and praised;
bring good results for the company;
have the opportunity for professional and career growth.

Oleg. Art Director

When we first started developing our method of producing creatives, almost none of our designers knew how to do 3D design. If we compare that with the level that we have achieved now, we can say that we really didn’t know how to do 3D at all. It was thanks to constant communication and feedback from the team that we learned how to do it very quickly - first I learned on my own, then everyone else picked up on it.

In addition to discussing work issues, friendly communication is also important. We’re all human, and we need communication. This is especially true these days, when most employees work remotely. Sometimes, we call up just to chat. I can say with confidence that the guys love our team.

We hope you were interested in learning a little about our inner workings. In the next articles, we’ll continue to talk about how our team works!
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