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What type of ads do you produce?
We can produce 2D and 3D video creatives based on gameplay, as well as build from assets or even draw from scratch. We also make static fake shots, which are popular for blockchain games. Finally, we make playable ads, trailers, and ASO pictures and videos, as well as creatives with footage of real people.
Will I also have to come up with scenarios for you?
Not at all. On the contrary, we often work in a full cycle, where on the basis of the product we conduct our own brainstorm. In addition to designers and creative producers, these are also attended by buyers, because it's the performance of creatives that's important to us, and not just a beautiful picture. As a result, we get ideas for new approaches, and then we implement these approaches in the form of final creatives. All you need is to agree on the ready-made terms of reference, which we will write for you. If you have your own technical specifications, then we will gladly make creatives based on them.
How can we start working with you?
Simply leave a request and send your assets and references. Next, we quote a cost estimate and sign a contract. After that, we analyze the product and the market, form hypotheses, write technical specifications, and produce a video. Once we test the creatives, we write a post-analysis. On the basis of that, we come up with the next pack based on the received metrics.

I would like to make 1-2 creatives for a test. Is it possible?
In general, we don't recommend doing tests of just 1-2 creatives, because all our vast experience in purchasing says that the probability of finding a new top-performing creative is somewhere around 10%. Therefore, we recommend starting with a pack of at least 10 creatives. Despite this, we understand that sometimes it's important for you to evaluate the quality of production.

In case our portfolio doesn't suit you, we can produce a pack of several creatives, but then we need to be sure that as an outcome measure you will look at visual quality and communication, rather than performance metrics. This is because it's not realistic to be sure from the first pack and a couple of creatives that it will be possible to catch up with the current top creatives.
How much does it cost?
The price very much depends on the type of creative, the available assets, and the level of quality that you want to receive. At any rate, we can very quickly quote you a price for your request - just fill out an application:

  • product link;
  • link to assets (this is optional, but if there are examples, the quoted price will be more accurate);
  • link to references;
  • number of creatives;
  • terms;
  • email;
  • LinkedIn or another convenient way to stay in contact.
How quickly do you produce creatives?
We have a streamlined process, which includes negotiating and signing an agreement, collecting assets, brainstorming, preparing technical specifications based on ideas from a brainstorm, coordinating ideas, production, and finally edits. All of these processes take time, so in practice we take 30 days to produce a full package of creatives, starting from the moment the technical specification is agreed upon with the client. You will start receiving the first creatives in 2 weeks from the moment of approval of the TOR. With regular customers with already-established processes and communications, we can go for 2-week creative production iterations.
I need creatives ASAP - how fast can you produce them for me from scratch?
Here is a link to the application form. Write there "ASAP," and before you know it, they'll be ready!
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