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Marketing Case Study

Happy Color

Happy Color is a colour-by-number relaxation app. Our task was to produce a contemporary video that immerses viewers in the world of colouring. We first brainstormed several storylines that provide an atmosphere of creativity, then combined shooting in the studio with motion graphics for the video.


In the story, a woman collapses into the couch, exhausted after a workday. She then opens the Happy Color app and is transported to a vibrant tropical world, the plants and animals of which fill in with colour as she explores. At the end of the creative, the woman comes back to her reality, but now she's smiling.

This video was produced in several stages.

The first was sketching and storyboard creation, which we then used as a base for the animatic, or video draft.
Our animatic provided two advantages throughout the production process. First, it allowed us to agree upon the story's base stages and composition early on with the client. Beginning with draft creation meant that we were building up the product in small iterations, thereby relinquishing the need to spend time making significant changes closer to finalisation.

The animatic's second, and no less important, advantage was that it helped us prepare for shooting in a studio.
Video production for Happy Color app. Animatic.

A full day was spent in the studio shooting just a few minutes. A team composed of the creative producer, a modeller, camera operator, lighting director, and makeup artist were working directly on the set, while the designer coordinated the shoot, consulted the operators and gave instructions remotely.

The designer then integrated the resulting footage into a CGI environment. This process is called 'compositing'. Simply pasting the footage into the environment isn't enough — shadows needed to be drawn into several shots, while in others, light effects and colour corrections were made in order to fully harmonise the overall picture.
As with any video production process, quality is always restricted by time and the skillset of those working on it. The more time available, the more precisely tones and halftones can be drawn in, further integrating the actress' footage shot in the studio into the CGI environment.

Due to the project being built up in agreed-upon iterations, we avoided spending excess time on redoing the environment and its components from the ground-up. The client still made corrections, but that's all part of the process.

In the end, we completed each stage of what was a complex process, and successfully produced a video combining CGI animation with footage shot in a studio.
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