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Account management in mobile marketing

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In mobile marketing, it’s extremely important to control business processes. It’s necessary to pay attention to both the speed of completing tasks and the quality of execution. For this, it’s necessary to constantly receive feedback from all sides. Account managers play one of the main roles in the interaction between the customer and the contractor. In some companies, it’s allowed to combine positions, when one person can be engaged in both sales and leading the client, but with large volumes of work this leads to an irrational waste of time and resources.

Our company has dedicated an account management department to working with clients, and we are truly proud of the way our work with clients is structured.

All work can be roughly divided into three parts: External communication, Internal communication, and the Emotional component.

External communication

Each client is a separate story. There is no one-size-fits-all scenario, and you need to be adaptive. Yes, we have certain regulations that we follow, but at the same time, working with real people is always a very, very mobile process.

Attention to detail is important. The client’s attitude can sometimes go unnoticed in small moments, as well as their thoughts on the work being performed. It’s useful at the very beginning to understand how the client prefers to communicate, and to build communication in such a way as to promptly and fully convey the necessary information to them.
According to regulations, we have one hour to answer inquiries. This pace helps to quickly transfer information from the client to production, as well as stick to project deadlines.

For additional optimization, we delegate routine tasks to an assistant. This helps to translate technical specifications, maintain correct naming, fill out reports and tables, and upload files, which also allows you to speed up processes and quickly integrate into the client's processes.

Internal communication

The other side of work is communication within the company. It’s important to establish good relationships in the team: this allows you to quickly exchange information, and it’s easier to convey any ideas and feedback from the client.

You need to understand who to address regarding this or that feedback - sometimes the feedback concerns a certain creative, and sometimes we get some that concerns the general processes in the company. Clients often highlight certain areas of our work and help us develop. Experience in interaction with large and demanding customers is especially valuable in this regard. The task of the account manager is to notice certain signals in time, and to convey them to the decision-makers within the company.

Emotional component

Often, feedback from a client comes in an emotional form, and you need to shift the conversation to a constructive direction, understand the essence of it, and resolve the issue as quickly and conveniently as possible for all parties.

It’s also important to maintain a balance: you need to be as sensitive as possible to the client, and at the same time avoid unnecessary emotions as much as possible.

The job of an account manager requires a combination of many skills, but the effort is often rewarded with positive customer feedback. People really feel when they are really treated well, their time is valued, and their interetests are respected.

We hope you were interested in learning about how we work with clients!
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