Case Study Welltory


Welltory is a mobile application that lets users all over the world measure their stress & energy levels using their smartphones. Their main paid user acquisition channel is Facebook.

Welltory came up against a few problems on the way:

  • Failing to scale. Welltory had been trying to scale for several months, but were hitting a wall. They were experiencing negative ROAS every time they increased their Facebook spend.
  • Not well-versed in media-buying. Welltory’s team didn’t know the ins and outs of the Facebook media buying process, resulting in poor performance.
  • No high-level marketing experts in-house. Like many start-ups, Welltory didn’t want to take the plunge and hire an expensive and experienced marketing manager.
  • A creative team with too much on their plate. Welltory’s whole team was knee deep in product development, so hand-holding a bunch of freelancers was not a tempting option.


AdSide Media reached out to Welltory at exactly the right moment with a solution which covered all the bases. They provided the managed services and media-buying expertise required to turn performance around and start scaling. Their in-house creative and marketing teams took the pressure off by creating everything they needed to run a successful campaign, and leaving them to get on with building their product.

As Welltory puts it, AdSide Media helped us to:

  • Manage expectations. AdSide helped us understand exactly what to expect while scaling. This allowed us to get a clearer picture of the plateaus and dips, and how to navigate them effectively to reach the next phase of growth. These insights gave us peace of mind, and helped us to allay any concerns among C-level executives and investors.
  • Spend smart. Other agencies take a short-term view to clients. They hang around while things are going well, and then when the dips come and trust starts to evaporate, they call it a day. AdSide put our profit first during the decision-making process. If they saw that something was not working, they took steps to adjust the campaign instead of just letting the money go to waste. Their approach to our budget was more like having our own in-house media-buying team than working with an external agency.
  • Gain perspective. AdSide’s commitment to sharing their expertise at every stage of the process helped us to develop a marketing strategy which will go the distance. No more shooting in the dark.


AdSide Media quadrupled Facebook spend, while maintaining target ROI.

Welltory’s C-level executives didn’t lose any sleep while scaling, found a reliable partner to fill the marketing-shaped hole in their company, gained more time to do what they do best. On top of that, they know exactly where to take their marketing strategy next.

Crystal-clear transparency and unwavering honesty. I would recommend AdSide as an agency who is always on the same page as you. No glitter. No bullshit.

Pavel, CEO - Welltory