Case Study Mighty Party: Heroes Clash


Panoramik Inc developed Mighty Party: Heroes Clash, a turn-based PvP RPG game. Although they saw encouraging organic traffc and revenue, and were primed for growth, they were also experiencing negative ROI from paid user acquisition (UA). The developer was under pressure to turn the tables and make UA profitable.


AdSide Media ran a pilot campaign to measure the impact of their advertisements and roll out the most cost-effective campaign possible. Detailed analytics of the app, as well as the data bought during the campaign, revealed that turning a profit through Facebook traffic wasn’t viable. So, the agency advised Panoramik to make
some tweaks to the app.

AdSide Media then ran hundreds of split-tests on targetings, videos, and banners to optimize Facebook campaigns for ROI. At the same time, they leveraged cohort analysis to gain a better understanding of in-app behavior.


AdSide Media created a sustainable media-buying strategy that delivered 150% ROI in just one month for paid UA on Facebook – 4x faster than the industry average. With the help of AdSide Media, Panoramik then ramped up their media spend 50x in one month – and continues to add more – while maintaining positive ROI.

Panoramik believes that as their in-house team grows, AdSide’s expertise in media-buying will prove invaluable, setting the benchmark for Panoramik’s own in-house team.

AdSide Media is now the exclusive agency for Panoramik on Facebook.

AdSide Media uniquely combines deep insight into how to drive media performance on Facebook with unparalleled optimization capability and a rst-class creative studio. They enabled us to scale faster than we ever imagined.

En Mi, Marketing Lead - Panoramik